The Climate Journey

Explore the climate emergency and its solutions

A journey to understand the climate challenge

We make physical & conceptual itineraries (tours, gymkhanas and other educational and recreational activities) across cities, towns and territories, around the climate emergency, to see the impacts, understand the causes and connections, and experience the solutions in terms of social mobilization, direct democracy, local wellbeing economies, nature-based solutions, critical thinking, regenerative cultures, and the arts.


Impact and causes

Impact on the ground: we visit the areas most affected by the climate crisis, and plot the future scenarios with graphic support

Root causes: we visualize and analyze the local economy’s main sources of carbon emissions, from a systemic perspective.


Connections, intersectionality and interdependence: in this complex world, we connect the dots between the various socio-environmental challenges (impacts and causes) faced by a certain community, and the multi-faceted solutions


Social mobilization: to change everything we need everyone, and so we interact with movements for climate action & social justice

Local economy
: localizing the economy greatly reduces emissions and creates equity. To this end, we visit urban gardens, energy coops…

Nature-based solutions: the best mitigation & adaptation technology is inspired by nature: biodiversity rings, green roofs, rewilded rivers…

Critical thinking, alternative cultures, and the arts: sytem change requires out-of-the-box thinking, alternative cultures, and beautiful arts

Your climate action plan

At the end of every tour, we draw the lessons learned, and reflect on the best strategies and concrete actions, both at individual and collective levels, to be carried out “back home”


Our physical-conceptual itineraries can take different forms depending on the place (see “Where”), participants (for all audiences), knowledge, and language. Under a cooperative philosophy, we boost the social economy by proportionately sharing revenue with all partners from the local ecosystem

Free tour

Most popular

Free tours for residents and visitors

  • Frequency: recurring
  • Duration: 2h30
  • Price: discretionary

Climate excursions

Most popular

Educational excursions for children and youth

  • Frequency: on demand
  • Duration: from 2h30 to 4h
  • Price: check location (“Where”)

Gymkhana, escape room…

Most popular

Leisure-training activities with incentives

  • Frequency: on demand
  • Duration: from 2h to 4h
  • Price: check location (“Where”)

For whom

We work with groups of people from 7 to 30 maximum, respecting the environment and local community. Specifically, our services are addressed to:


Local people who want to know about the climate emergency in all its dimensions

Children & youth

Children and young people, from 10 years on, via schools, high schools, universities, language academies, etc.


Visitors interested in the climate emergency, in search of meaning and significance in their trip


Businesses from any sector, willing to understand the problem and be part of the solution


The Climate Journey began in Malaga, propelled by three complementary organizations totally committed to the cause: ExploraMalaga, Futuros Locales and Líbero. The expansion to other places soon took shape through a collaborative network, thanks to Aethnic in Barcelona, and Pangea Routes in Madrid.

Social Climate

A cooperative committed to driving climate action based on science and social justice, through social innovation, nature-based solutions, and international cooperation. We catalyze processes of social innovation for climate action via consulting, training, and facilitation services. In particular, we engage local ecosystems to design and implement science-based & just climate action plans for cities and territories.



Leading company in responsible tours in Malaga, founded by local young entrepreneurs. Its quality is widely recognized by customers, media, and the whole tourism sector in Malaga, with certificates of excellence by Tripadvisor and the City Council. Its mission is to contribute to the conservation of Malaga’s cultural heritage, and the dissemination of its history, all with energy, love, professionalism, and enthusiasm



Líbero Association fosters active citizen participation, youth empowerment, and social innovation in the province of Malaga, from an “innovative education” approach in the “Rancho Limón” (Lemon Ranch) in the Guadalhorce Valley. It trains youth-oriented professionals in the use of educational tools, and works in a practical and inclusive way with young people from all over the world, on agroecology, permaculture, and the climate crisis



Sustainable tourism association that foments responsible tourism through a necessary paradigm shift in the traditional model, towards greater commitment to the social reality, economic equity, and environmental sustainability, always seeking to contribute positively to the sustainable development of local communities


Rutas Pangea

Since 1993, Pange Routes has created experiences of cycling and hiking tourism around the world (25 countries), specializing in bicycle touring, cycling holidays, and cycling routes along green ways; hiking, ecotourism, and nature observation; as well as consulting and training in responsible and sustainable tourism


Catalyzing climate action 

Our objectives are clear:
1. Inform about the effects, causes and solutions of the climate emergency
2. Inspire collective action for the climate and social justice
3. Catalyze an economy that generates wellbeing, equity and sovereignty
4. Demonstrate that a different type of tourism is possible and necessary
5. Lead by example: cooperative philosophy and local economy


We firmly believe in cooperation for the common good (planet, human & social rights), and thus we work and create shared value with a broad ecosystem of public institutions, economic agents, and social entities, in order to jointly catalyze climate action and social justice. Some of our global partners include:

International Union for the Conservation of Nature

The Mediterranean Cooperation Center of a world-leading agency in conservation and nature-based solutions, particularly for local development


Local Futures

Pioneer international organization in the “Economics of Happiness” movement, which promotes a systemic shift towards economic localization through “education for action”


Sustainability Observatory

Reference center for the development of the concept of sustainability in all its aspects and topics, including climate change, biodiversity, inequalities, circular economy, or social justice


Nature-based Solutions Cluster

Group of public and private entities working on and promoting Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to build climate resilience and improve social wellbeing

Where we are

The project was born in Malaga, but other cities, towns, and territories are joining the collaborative network. They are managed independently, but we all share resources and best practices. At the moment, these are the places where you can enjoy The Climate Journey, click on each one for more info:

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